Is Finding Fox the jelly to my peanut butter?

Congratulations on your upcoming BIG day! We are so honored you are interested in Finding Fox Creative and are so excited for you! Because your big day is SO important, we want to be sure we will fit, together, well. Your photographer is quite different than any of your other wedding planning decisions. The relationship we will form will go beyond the typical vendor/client one. It is one that requires vulnerability. When people are looking at a photographer many only look at the work produced and the price of their products. These are only two aspects of choosing the right photographer for you. We believe the third is personality. So, we’ve put together this little guide and questionnaire to try and ensure we’re a great match for you.

Who is FFC?

We are a team of 3 individuals who have been both formally trained and informally trained. Combined we have around 20 years of photographic experience.

We enjoy having fun and love deep down belly laughs.

Our style of photography is documentation over direction. In other words we like unposing instead of posing. That’s not to say we won’t pose you. We will certainly help, but we want your photos to be natural and unique to you. In order to achieve that, we may ask you to do some silly things during your engagement session. This will help break the ice, get you moving, and get you laughing.

Our goal is that by the time your wedding rolls around, we feel like friends that are celebrating with you and we just happen to have our cameras with us to document your day.

If the possibilities of getting a little dirty, trying new things, laughing with strangers, playing in the rain, or letting loose totally terrify you, we may not be your jelly. Your jelly is definitely out there, though, and we are happy to give a referral.

If all of that excites you, it’s time for us to figure out if you’re our peanut butter.

We are HUGE on storytelling. In order to tell your story, we need to get to know you. Below is a short questionnaire that will help us start the process. Feel free to answer, the questions, in any way you see fit. You can also add anything you like!

Bride/Groom Name *
Bride/Groom Name
Bride/Groom Name *
Bride/Groom Name
Best phone for contact *
Best phone for contact
Best address for welcome gift box *
Best address for welcome gift box
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
On a scale of taco Tuesday, how interested are you in FFC capturing your day, at this time? *