Guess what....?

Hi Everyone!

Liv here. I don’t think it’s any secret that I am not so great at keeping up with the blog posts (I smell a new years resolution) but… I have a very important and exciting announcement. Finding Fox Creative is beyond incredibly excited to welcome Cameron Zabawski, not only as new creative mind, but also as a new partner/co-owner of the company!

So here’s the deal, Cam and I have forever been bound by the bonds of our mothers. They are the greatest of friends- true ya-yas. We grew up calling each other cousins (though, to me, this girl is more like a sister). So, on a personal level, I am leaping out of my skin that I get to share this business with her. She is such a beautiful soul with compassion and warmth pouring out. You can’t help but feel comfortable and at ease with her. Also, you may recognize her from the site. She trusted me with her wedding day many years ago and I was beyond honored!

On a professional level, I couldn’t imagine a better partner. She is strong, amazingly artistic, driven, incredibly sweet, organized, and passionate. She also started her formal photography training in film photography. If you’ve ever gotten me started on that topic, you know just how much I respect that as I probably went on and on about my long nights in the dark room and told you how much I wish we still used film all the time!

I absolutely cannot wait for you guys to get to know Cam! I know you are going to love her. And… we’ve been working on some amazing new ideas and changes to make our products and processes even better for YOU. As cliche as it sounds, I am calling this the dream team because it is definitely my dream team! Get ready world!

Check it out (below)- mini Cam and Liv