Hi! I am Liv. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I decided to jump into the blog thing with my photography site to share a more in depth look at shoots and things I learn along the way as I navigate through this ever changing and growing industry. My photography roots date way back to disposable cameras. I think I could have single handedly kept that industry going with all the cameras I bought and developed. But, my real experience started in college. I majored in studio art with an emphasis in photography at Georgia Southern University. When I started taking classes, the program still required a prerequisite of a black and white film class. I am forever grateful for days (and nights) spent in the dark room, rolling my own film, developing my own photos, and learning to master my camera because I didn't have unlimited chances to get it right. Even though a big part of my photographer's heart lies with film, I am also a big fan of how far our technology has come and what we are able to achieve now! I love telling stories behind my lens and that is what has motivated me to continue this journey now. I took a few years off (kind of- I still shot family and friends' events) while teaching art in the classroom. It was also during that time that I had my super rad little boy who is now 3 years old and full of pure joy! I am so glad to be back behind the lens, full time. I am excited for everything to come during this season of life and business. I can't wait to share the magnificent stories I'll get to tell. Maybe yours will be one of them!