Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site. We are Liv and Cam- owners and lead photographers of Finding Fox Creative :) We are SO excited that you are here exploring. Our desire to tell the stories of life’s adventures is what drives our passion. We are completely taken by the process of capturing light and movement in a static image while maintaining the spirit of the moment. We both started our formal photography education with film- yep, dark rooms and chemicals, and true dodging and burning. It taught us so much about attention to detail, the importance of mastering our tools, and understanding the process. 

Our goal is to provide you with a truly unique and FUN photography experience. We pride ourselves on being different and offering services we don’t think you’ll find elsewhere. You'll find us to be pretty laid back because we find that creates the best environment for everyone (and it's just who we are). We are truly honored to be chosen every time we are. It is still amazing, to us, that we get the opportunity to be a part of creating something that will be passed down for generations.

A genuine relationship with our clients is SO very important to us. We want you be completely comfortable. It is that connection that allows us to tell your story in a truly authentic way. It is also in the moments of vulnerability that we are able to capture the intimate essence of authentic life. We strive to be able to tell your story from the inside, out. From the moment you book your session to the moment you receive your files and prints, we will work closely together to achieve incredible, honest imagery that will continue to tell your story for years to come- and we love hanging out with you along the way.

We cannot wait to hear from you!!!

- Cam + Liv


What do we wear for our engagement session?
We always say, "something comfortable". Yes, it sounds a bit cliche, but honestly if you're not feeling comfortable, it will show. Oh, and don't worry about matching everything. I prefer neutrals and not too much pattern as it can be distracting. We can talk about this in more detail, one on one.

How would you describe the style of Finding Fox Creative?
Simply put, artistic documentation. We're always working on improving our work and deepening our style. Since we just re-launched in January, we're also working on building up a showcase of our updated style. 

Do you offer wedding albums and prints?
Yes, of course we do. We have an amazing print labs that offers so much variety. Our papers are incredible and we have tons of cover options. Leather is our favorite for albums. 

Do you travel?
That's a big HUGE YES!! We love traveling. We don't mind crashing in a spare bedroom, borrowing your friends car while we're there, and we love your family's home cooked meals. Travel rates aren't bad these days and we know how to make it cheaper!

Do you work off a shot list?
We will definitely talk to you about your must-have photos because we want to help make sure you get those. Our goal is document your day just as it happens, but having those planned photos with your family and friends is always important and we'll line you up and tell you to smile for those :)

How soon will we get our wedding photos?
We generally say 8-12 weeks after your big day, but honestly, we'll try our best to get them to you sooner. If you are getting a feature video, it may take a little longer.

How will you be able to wrangle my crazy kids and get a decent shot?
We get this one a lot. The truth is, we've got one of those crazy kids of our own and understand the struggle. Don't worry, we're not looking for quiet, statuesque children with perfect smiles. We just want them (and you) to be real! If you can do that, we'll do the rest. If it's just a massively terrible day for your adorable little 2 year old (we all have those days), we have no problem re-scheduling to another day that works for us all. 

Have more questions? Ask us anything!